“Should animals have political rights?”

TITLE: “Should animals have political rights?”

Author: Alisdair Cochrane

Publication date: 2020

Publisher: Cambridge, Polity Press, @politybooks.

Reviewed by: Siobhan O’Sullivan

“Alasdair Cochrane has made a prolific and sustained contribution to the so-called ‘political turn in animal ethics’. As such, when he titles a book ‘Should Animals have Political Rights?’ my expectation is that I am in for a forthright ride. Moreover, within 124 pages I expect to know the answer to the title’s question. Spoiler alert, according to Cochrane: ‘all sentient animals have intrinsic value and a basic right to have their intrinsic value respected … political communities must respect the interests of animals as if those interests matter in and of themselves’ (p. 112)”….

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