Global Climate Governance In The Face Of Obstruction –  resources from @Env_Pol

Greetings to attendees at the conference. We hope you find it to be useful.

Here are some recent and historical resources from the journal Environmental Politics. If you don’t already follow us on Twitter, please do – and tag us in your announcements about calls for papers, jobs and PhD opportunities and the like – @Env_Pol,

Advocating inaction: a historical analysis of the Global Climate Coalition by Robert Brulle (April 2022)

Weaponizing economics: Big Oil, economic consultants, and climate policy delay
by Benjamin Franta (August 2021)

Manufacturing ignorance: think tanks, climate change and the animal-based diet by Núria AlmironMiquel Rodrigo-Alsina & Jose A. Moreno (2021)

Energy and domination: contesting the fossil myth of fuel expansion by Cara Daggett (2020)

Why does the United States lack a global warming policy? The corporate inner circle versus public interest sector elites by James Everett Hein & J. Craig Jenkins (2017)

Another avenue of action: an examination of climate change countermovement industries’ use of PAC donations and their relationship to Congressional voting over time by Kerry ArdNick Garcia & Paige Kelly (2017)

The organisation of denial: Conservative think tanks and environmental scepticism

Peter J. Jacques , Riley E. Dunlap & Mark Freeman (2009)

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