Guest post: G.S. Caird Scholarship in Climate Change Mitigation – Scholarships

Information: The G.S. Caird Scholarship in Climate Change Mitigation – Scholarships ( seeks to offer a 3.5 year scholarship full time to a PhD candidate in the Discipline of Government and International Relations, supervised by Professor Susan Park.

The candidate will examine the environmental and social implications of mining for lithium in Australia to mitigate climate change as we transition to renewable energy and lithium-ion storage and electric vehicles.

It is open to domestic and international students, with the opportunity for full tuition waiver for international applicants.

The candidate will be co-located with the Sydney Environment Institute, and be part of the broader international team financed by the Social and Humanities Research Council of Canada led by Professor Craig Johnson at the University of Guelph.

The offer closes March 31, 2023.

Professor Park can be contacted on:

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