Latest issue, Vol 33, Issue 4 out now

The latest issue is out now. See below for details of the articles.

Research articles

Who’s afraid of more ambitious climate policy? How distributional implications shape policy support and compensatory preferences 
Lena Maria Schaffer
Pages: 567-590

Conditional environmentalism of right-wing populism in power: ideology and/or opportunities?
Manuela Caiani & Balša Lubarda
Pages: 591-611

An environmental education: how the education realignment polarized Congress on the environment
Joel B. Kersting
Pages: 612-634

Color-blind racial ideology and beliefs about environmental inequality among local US government officials
Dylan Bugden
Pages: 635-656

Working sunset to sunrise: union strategies in three California climate transitions
Keith Brower Brown & Sara Holiday Nelson
Pages: 657-677

Proud fathers and fossil fuels: gendered identities and climate obstruction
A Letourneau, D. Davidson, C. Karsgaard & D. Ivanova
Pages: 678-698

How politicians and the population attribute responsibility for climate change mitigation: no indication of a ‘governance trap’ in Norway 
Runa Falck
Pages: 699-726

Sustainable development and the environment in EU and Japanese free trade agreements: embedding anthropocentric narratives 
Julie Gilson
Pages: 727-748

Book reviews

In quest of a shared planet: negotiating climate from the global south by Naveeda Khan, New York, Fordham University Press, 2023
Reviewed by Diana K. Elhard
Pages: 749-751

Reading contemporary environmental justice: narratives from Kerala
by R. Sreejith Varma, New York, Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2023
Reviewed by Ghulam Rabani & Binod Mishra
Pages: 751-753

Dismantling green colonialism: energy and climate justice in the Arab region
edited by Hamza Hamouchene and Katie Sandwell, London, Pluto Press, 2023
Reviewed by Annisa Nabilatul Khaira & Munif Arif Ranti
Pages: 753-755

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