Latest issue, Vol 33, Issue 2 out now

The latest issue is out now. See below for details of the articles.

Research articles

Careful knowing as an aspect of environmental justice
Gwen Ottinger
Pages: 199-218

Contested discourses of a circular plastics economy in Europe: prioritizing material, economy, or society?
Nur Gizem Yalçın, Erik Paredis & Melanie Jaeger-Erben
Pages: 219-239

Multi-layered differentiation in the climate regime: the gradual path from Rio to Paris
Klaus Dingwerth
Pages: 240-258

Spiral-scaling climate action: lessons from and for the academic flying less movement
Ryan M. Katz-Rosene & Anne Pasek
Pages: 259-280

The necessity of a transformational approach to just transition: defence worker views on decarbonisation, diversification and sustainability
Karen Bell, Vivian Price, Keith McLoughlin & Erik Kojola
Pages: 281-301

Supporting environmental protection in good and bad economic circumstances
Tobias Böhmelt & Muzhou Zhang
Pages: 302-320

A novel way of being together? On the depoliticising effects of attributing rights to nature
Agnese Bellina
Pages: 321-339

Actors, legitimacy, and governance challenges facing negative emissions and solar geoengineering technologies
Benjamin K. Sovacool, Chad M. Baum, Roberto Cantoni & Sean Low
Pages: 340-365

Book reviews

Women and climate change: examining discourses from the global north
by Nicole Detraz, London, MIT Press, 2023
Reviewed by: Joanna Flavell
Pages: 366-368

André Gorz: A Life by Willy Gianinazzi, translated by Chris Turner, London, Seagull Books, 2022
Reviewed by Robert Gottlieb
Pages: 368-370

Life against states of emergency: revitalizing treaty relations from Attawapiskat
by Sarah Marie Wiebe. Vancouver, BC, University of British Columbia Press, 2023
Reviewed by Hannah Ascough

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