Latest issue, Vol 32, 7, out now

The latest issue is out now. See below for details of the articles.

Symposium: Environmental Governance of China’s Belt and Road Initiative

Introduction; Environmental governance of China’s Belt and Road Initiative
Yixian Sun, Joanna I. Lewis & Johannes Urpelainen
Pages: 1109-1116

Explaining the energy mix in China’s electricity projects under the belt and road initiative
Chuyu Liu, Thomas Hale & Johannes Urpelainen
Pages: 1117-1139

A dynamic institutional analysis of China’s engagement with Africa’s renewable energy market
Frangton Chiyemura, Wei Shen, Meryl Burgess, Yacob Mulugetta & Yao Wang
Pages: 1140-1162

China’s Green Belt and Road Initiative: transnational environmental governance and causal pathways of orchestration
Qingge Geng & Kevin Lo
Pages: 1163-1185

Hard to say goodbye: South Korea, Japan, and China as the last lenders for coal Michael R. Davidson, Xue Gao, Joshua Busby, Christine Shearer & Joshua Eisenman Pages: 1186-1207

The Role of International Engagement in Greening China’s Belt and Road Initiative
Weila Gong & Joanna I. Lewis
Pages: 1208-1230

Other Research articles

Crowdsourcing infrastructures of green everyday life: how sustainable sharing, swapping and gardening initiatives in Vienna tackle the lack of transformative agency in eco-politics
Michael Deflorian
Pages: 1231-1254

Consenting publics: fair nuclear waste repository siting?
Hannes Lagerlöf
Pages: 1255-1274

Brief Report

Intersectionality & Climate Justice: A call for synergy in climate change scholarship
Michael Mikulewicz, Martina Angela Caretta, Farhana Sultana & Neil J. W. Crawford
Pages: 1275-1286

Book reviews

Review of the Handbook of Critical Environmental Politics edited by Luigi Pellizzoni, Emanuele Leonardi, and Viviana Asara, Cheltenham, Edward Elgar, 2022.
Reviewed by Heather Alberro
Pages: 1287-1289

Climate change and political theory by Catriona McKinnon, Cambridge and New Jersey, Polity, 2022.
Reviewed by Cristóbal Bellolio
Pages: 1289-1291

Pipeline populism: grassroots environmentalism in the twenty-first century by Kai Bosworth, Minneapolis, University of Minnesota, 2022.
Reviewed by Deborah Barros Leal Farias
Pages: 1291-1293

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