Latest issue, Vol 32, 6, out now

The latest issue is out now. See below for details of the articles.

Research articles

Anti-environmentalism and the natural ‘wages of whiteness’
John Hultgren
Pages: 949-968

Two cheers for collapse? On the uses and abuses of the societal collapse thesis for imagining Anthropocene futures
Joe P. L. Davidson
Pages: 969-987

Affective politics of air pollution: atmospheres and activism in the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Region
Mor Shilon & Nathan Marom
Pages: 988-1011

Whose system, what change? A critical political economy approach to the UK climate movement
Oscar Berglund & David J. Bailey
Pages: 1012-1032

Hub-driven policy packages as a basis for e-waste reform: rationales and a case study
Yaakov Garb & John-Michael Davis
Pages: 1033-1053

Polarisation vs consensus-building: how US and German news media portray climate change as a feature of political identities
Robin Tschötschel
Pages: 1054-1076

Discussion forum

The Future of Environmental Peace and Conflict Research
Tobias Ide, McKenzie F. Johnson, Jon Barnett, Florian Krampe, Philippe Le Billon, Lucile Maertens, Nina von Uexkull & Irene Vélez-Torres
Pages: 1077-1103

Book reviews

Climate obstruction: how Denial, delay and inaction are heating the planet by Kristoffer Ekberg, Bernhard Forchtner, Martin Hultman and Kirsti M. Jylhä. Abingdon/New York: Routledge, 2023.
Reviewed by: Hauke Dannemann
Pages: 1104-1106

Climate justice in India edited by Prakash Kashwan. Cambridge University Press, 2022
Reviewed by: Ajmal Khan A. T.
Pages: 1106-1108

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