Environmental Politics Article of the Year Award

Environmental Politics award a prize of £250 for the best paper published in each volume. The winning paper and runners up for the most recent award will be free to access for the year.

2023 winner: Blanche Verlie, ‘Climate justice in more-than-human worlds‘.

Congratulations from the entire editorial team! In making this decision, the judges agreed that:

the level of intellectual ambition and insight this article offers, and the impact it will have on debates about climate justice, are highly significant. The author does a beautiful job of weaving together very complex ideas, literatures, personal anecdotes and evidence to put forward the outline of an important new approach to climate justice

2023 runner-up: Landen Longest, Thomas E. Shriver, and Alison E. Adams, ‘Cultivating quiescence in risk communities: coal ash contamination and cancer in two cities‘.

2023 shortlisted articles:

All of these articles will be free access for the next year. Congratulations from us go to the whole shortlist.

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