Art Exhibition on energies transitions facing coastal communities (UK)

The Northeast Coastal Community Resilience Project, Newcastle University UK,  invites you to an art exhibit looking at the energies transitions that coastal communities face.  Entitled Energies: Blyth’s Industrial Pasts and Energy Futures, you can access the artwork on our project website [].

Our experimental project has commissioned exciting new artwork from 9 outstanding, regionally based artists and invited members of the Northeast coastal town of Blyth (UK) to focus on Blyth’s low-carbon energy and culture transformation. We have focused on Blyth as it has both an exciting future in the energy transition but also a very proud industrial heritage that will influence how its people embrace the future. The artwork expresses how the artists and the community see the Blyth industrial past linking to the transformation and the types of energy used to sustain both life and work.  The art prompts both the makers and the viewers to think and question about what is happening.  How the community itself sees, feels and communicates about this change is vital for shaping the Blyth community’s future and informing the adjustment that all coastal communities must make to adapt to the climate crisis. 

 The interdisciplinary Project team consists of Dr. Clifton Evers (Exhibit Curator and Co-Investigator), Dr. Mark Ireland (Co-Investigator), Dr. Greg Mutch (Co-Investigator) and Professor Anthony Zito (Principal Investigator).

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