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The latest issue is out now. See below for details of the articles.

Research articles

Exploring environmental justice in France: evidence, movements, and ideas 
Brendan Coolsaet & Valérie Deldrève
Pages: 757-777

“We grow earth”: performing eco-agrarian citizenship at the semi-periphery of Europe
Anastasia Oprea, Irina Velicu, Hestia-Ioana Delibas & Sérgio Pedro
Pages: 778-798

Process skeptical populist framing of climate change in right-leaning media
Janel Jett, Leigh Raymond & Erin P. Hennes
Pages: 799-819

Understanding and explaining populist radical right parties’ commitment to animal welfare in Western Europe
Jakob Schwörer & Belén Fernández-García
Pages: 820-842

Punishing environmental offenders: court decisions in environmental litigation in Taiwan 
Alex Min-Wei Lin & Chung-li Wu
Pages: 843-867

Like diamonds in the sky? Public perceptions, governance, and information framing of solar geoengineering activities in Mexico, the United Kingdom, and the United States
Chad M. Baum, Livia Fritz, Sean Low & Benjamin K. Sovacool
Pages: 868-895

The central bank lacuna in green state transformation 
Dan Bailey & James Jackson
Pages: 896-916

Walking a thin line: a reputational account of green central banking
Mathieu Blondeel, Hielke Van Doorslaer & Mattias Vermeiren
Pages: 917-945

Book Reviews

Catastrophes, confrontations, and constraints: how disasters shape the dynamics of armed conflict by Tobias Ide, Cambridge, Massachusetts, The MIT Press, 2023
Reviewed by Kristina Petrova
Pages: 946-948

Educating for the anthropocene: schooling and activism in the face of slow violence
by Peter Sutoris, Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2022

Reviewed by Hunter Vaughan
Pages: 948-950

The Dao of Civilization: A Letter to China
by Freya Mathews, London, New York, Anthem Press, 2023

Reviewed by Yue Zhou Lin
Pages: 950-952

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